Thursday, 2 December 2010

Maya: Scientist- Final Adjustments

I've spent half the day refining the scientist model. (other half on essay!)

As you can see, I've tightened up the creases for where the folds are in the lab coats lapels. The tie stands out better too. I've added the face, now with some glasses. The glasses may still be refined further, but for now they are fine.

These were the boots, now shoes, originally meant for the soldier.

This model is now ready for UV mapping. The rest of the detail is going to be in the texture, but for the amount of screen time, I've probably gone into too much detail already, considering also that we have a total of seven characters to make!

Before I UV map it, I will finish off the soldier first. Mostly it's just the soldiers face to finish. Chances are that I will UV map everything over the weekend. Then it's on to rigging.

A Flock of Pixels


  1. the scientist look awesome
    it's amazing on how the glasses makes the scientist's eyes look normal