Friday, 3 December 2010

Maya: Soldiers Almost There

Today I've been focusing on the soldier. Mostly on the head.

You don't actually see much of the soldiers face as it's covered by the mask, so I closed off the mouth and didn't refine the nose.

To save time I actually ripped the eye sockets and the ears straight from the scientist's face model and tweaked accordingly.

At the moment there are still a few thing left to do. You may notice that the chin penetrates the collar, so that needs sorting. Also, as may have been mentioned previously (I can't remember), but we are going to re scale the height of each character. This is because at the time of drawing the turnarounds, we later realised that they were all about the same height, so by isolating certain parts of the geometry and using the lattice deformer we will scale them proportionally, working out who should be what height. This has to be done before UV mapping. That's it from me.

A Flock of Pixels


  1. I think the helmet and head are looking really good.
    I love the cheap outfit!

  2. so this is the surgeon character then! lol

  3. *GASP* he has no mouth, he's the alien! D:

  4. but yeah he came out really nice Ethan.