Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Maya: Soldier and Scientist - Progress

I've made some progress on the soldier and scientist characters.

Here I've added the lapels (the flappy bits on each side) and the tie.

I am aware that they flatten to nothing when smoothed. Once I am absolutely happy with the rest of the geometry (as there is still quite a bit of tweaking to do at the top), I will add a couple of extra edge loops to harden the edges.

I've added various parts to the soldier and neatened up a few things. The hands are essentially the same as the spaceman's hands. The only difference is that they are slightly thinner as he isn't wearing thick gloves like the spaceman is.

This is the box on his belt. This item was taken from some of the other drawings of the soldier.
One thing that it very important which the soldier is missing is a gun of some form.

Nothing really special about this boot, but I though it may as well have a close up. It has some kind of vertical strap. It's very simple, but then I didn't want to spend much time on something that isn't going to be seen much.

The rest of my team know that I first created a different kind of footwear for the soldier. It looked more like a shoe. Don't worry, I think I still have it and I will use it on the scientist instead, since he has really plain boots at the moment.

That's it for today.

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  1. I think they look cool, but maybe shrink the sleeves of the soldier a bit